Sneaker Suds™

The original eco-friendly Sneaker Suds Shoe Cleaning Kit. It's botanical based soap formula is tough on sneakers but safe and gentle-even on your skin. The cleaning kit comes with everything you need to keep your kicks looking their best and smelling like new. This kit includes a brush, microfiber towel, and 4 oz. premium Sneaker Suds soap that will clean away dirt, grime, and scuffs while helping to retain your shoe's color and quality. The soap is specially formulated to stick to the brush bristles, meaning that less product is wasted. It's so gentle you can even use it as hand soap if necessary! Sneaker Suds Shoe Cleaning Kit will leave your shoes looking new and clean even on those hard to reach ridges.
  • PREMIUM BOTANICAL SOAP FORMULA - Powerful, effective formula using natural botanical soap to clean any dirty sneaker, shoe, boot or athletic shoe. Mud, stains, everyday dirt - sneaker suds is effective against everything.
  • SAFE TO USE - Safe to use on all sneaker materials. The powerful cleaning formula was specifically formulated to ensure that it will clean but not damage, discolor or taint your sneakers. It was also formulated to ensure it will not breakdown the glue that holds your sneakers together.
  • BRUSH ACCESSORY - Kit contains high quality sneaker brush to aid in bringing all sneakers back to pristine condition. Apply a small amount of product to the brush and scrub desired area to produce the powerful cleaning soap suds.
  • USE LESS, LASTS LONGER - Soap is formulated to create large amount of powerful cleaning soap suds from a small amount of liquid. Sneaker Suds soap suds are also thicker than regular soaps so that more cleaning power stays on the brush as you clean different areas of your shoes

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