About Us

For nearly four decades, Kittrich Corporation continues to be a leading manufacturer of quality merchandise across a wide variety of consumer product categories.  Kittrich maintains its competitive advantage through providing a corporate environment that inspires creative product development, along with making strategic investments in efficient manufacturing processes and fulfillment operations.  With over one million square feet of production and warehouse space situated within three strategically located distribution facilities in the United States, Kittrich has the capacity to meet and fulfill the demands of any customer, no matter how substantial.


Kittrich Corporation’s products are sold in global channels of trade, and offered under a collection of well-known brand names that are associated with quality, value and innovation.  Kittrich features a dynamic assortment of merchandise that includes: decorative self-adhesive and non-adhesive surface coverings; shelf and storage liners; non-slip grip liners and rug pads; back-to-school supplies, stationery items and writing instruments; sleep products, including mattresses and pillows; ready-to-assemble furnishings; eco-friendly soaps, laundry detergents and household hard-surface cleaners; safe, gentle and effective skincare products; non-toxic pest control, herbicide and fungicide solutions; pet care shampoos, conditioners and repellents; pet supplies and nutritional cuisine; promotional materials; specialty products; artificial turf; and so much more.